You will receive your invoice from Infomedics!

We will invoice you on behalf of your healthcare
provider. If possible, we will check whether your
health insurer reimburses (part of) your invoice.
If so, you will see the reimbursement deducted
on your invoice and you will only have to pay
the remaining amount.

Has nothing been reimbursed, but do you
think you are entitled to reimbursement from
your health insurer? Or do you have questions
about the amount of your reimbursement?
Then please contact your health insurer.

Your healthcare provider takes
care of you and we take care of
the invoicing.

Digital or printed invoice.
You may choose to receive your invoice
digitally or printed. Infomedics takes care of
both the printed invoicing (delivered by mail)
and the digital invoicing (delivered by e-mail).
Indicate your preference to your healthcare

Digital invoice from Infomedics.
If you would like to receive digital invoices, then
please provide your e-mail address and mobile
phone number to your healthcare provider.
The digital invoices will be sent to the e-mail
address you provided to your healthcare
provider. After performing an additional check
(SMS verification) you can download your
invoice and pay immediately.

Printed invoice from Infomedics.
If you would like to receive your invoices by
mail, please provide your address details to
your healthcare provider. The printed invoices
will be sent to the address you provided to your
healthcare provider. You can recognize the
invoice easily because of the pink envelope.

Payment of your invoice.
You will find the payment details on your
invoice. Your invoice can be paid directly via
iDEAL. Simply scan the QR code on your printed
invoice or click the payment button in your
digital invoice.

Take care of it online!
Our payment terms are 30 days as standard.
Do you need more time? You can easily
arrange many things concerning your
invoices at infomedics.nl! For example: you
can request a deferred payment without
additional cost or you can submit a request
for payment in installments. Do you expect
a substantial invoice? Read more about this
on infomedics.nl/betaalplan.

Do you have questions about your invoice?
We answer the most frequently asked questions
about your invoice at infomedics.nl/faq. But of
course you can also contact us via our service
desk. Visit infomedics.nl/contact or call
036 – 20 31 900.

Your invoice contains (medical) data, so it
is important that we handle the information
we receive from your healthcare provider
confidentially. We are ISO 9001, 27001 and
NEN 7510 certified. Want to find out more
about this? You can find our privacy policy on our website.

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